Meet Trailblazer, Courtney!

Trailblazers are not just an average agency carer sent in to fill a shift, they are professionals, developed and employed to provide a higher level of service and quality to every care environment. We caught up with Courtney, who started at Fairway in March 2020.

“The main reason I wanted to work for Fairway was their professionalism. Initially I did my research before applying and found that Fairway as a whole stood out to me as one of the better companies out there. I have done care pretty much all my life as I looked after my younger brother who has sight loss and behavioural problems, so I’d have to ensure he was okay at school, done his homework and made sure the jobs around the house had been completed. I have always aspired to be a nurse and even before I came to Fairway I believed that this could be the stepping stone I needed as I had also heard that they offer good and continuous work, which would be perfect for me as initially I lacked in experience.

The opportunities I’ve had with Fairway are endless. I’ve been able to become senior with them within a matter of months as the training opportunity was there. I have also had the chance to complete first aid training. But it doesn’t stop there, there are always new training programs that are available to me which is also what makes Fairway stand out as I know other companies don’t have the ability to offer that. I have also been able to get a lot of relevant experience in regards to my career prospects – working at residential and nursing care homes. I have also had the chance to work with patients who have complicated care needs. The girls in the office are always brilliant in supporting me to get a decent number of hours in each week (and more!) As well as fitting it around my weekly commitments.

Being a trailblazer is a fabulous experience as it means there are so many more opportunities open to me and I get to shout about how good they are! To be a trailblazer you need to be committed. You need to want to put the hours in and then work as hard as you can whilst putting the hours in. In return that then creates good feedback which successfully creates more work as many homes will ask for you specifically. Which is the best thing about being a trailblazer, you earn good feedback which means you get more work, leading to more experience and amazing opportunities.”