Meet the team – Isobelle O’Neill, Recruitment Consultant

My role at Fairway is a Recruitment Consultant; I work closely with clients across the West Midlands to provide them with high quality peripatetic healthcare professionals. I also work closely with a pool of staff members, my job is to take care of my staff and help them to do their job to the best of their ability, supporting them when going into work and throughout their journey.

I started full time in March 2020 as the pandemic hit, I was 17 at the time. I loved coming into work every day and feeling as though I was making a difference to people’s lives. Care home managers valued what we did as the residents in the homes were happy and a high quality of care was provided even in the most challenging of times. Staff were working in a role that was tough at the time but very rewarding, being able to support them and ensure they had enough hours to be financially stable and making sure they were in a place to improve their lives is always a huge driver for me.

For me the most rewarding part of my job is feedback from both clients and candidates. Hearing from clients that they are very happy with the service we are providing and that we have made a difference to their home is a huge thing for me. As well as this, candidates telling me stories of their day to day at work as well as how they are now in a better position both financially and experience wise than they were 6 months ago is really important to me as well as knowing they feel valued and like they are making a difference.

A huge range of progression opportunities have been offered to me and continual guidance within my role day to day. I am currently doing a Level 3 apprenticeship in Recruitment Consultancy , in the future I hope to be in a management position helping as many people grow and progress as I can.

I love working for Fairway as I whole-heartedly believe in everything we do as a business. From the quality of candidates that we provide to clients to the way we look after our staff and help with their development. All of our candidates are individuals that I would be happy for my grandparents to be taken care of by and it is really important to me that anyone we put out to work is trained to the highest standard. Many of our staff are Home-grown through our sister business Embark , this makes it really rewarding helping them come through , begin working , develop their experience and then to see them make a real difference to the Health and Social care sector

I genuinely love the staff that work for me and really care for them all, I want to make a positive impact on their lives. I also believe in them and the work they do, this makes it easy to keep clients happy as the staff we provide are all excellent at what they do. I have a very open relationship with clients and welcome any feedback to make sure they are completely happy with the service provided by both me and my staff. Clients know that I really believe in everything we do and this comes across day to day.