Fairway receives a near perfect score for employee satisfaction

Fairway, a respected company that places carers into healthcare career opportunities, has undertaken its annual employee satisfaction review, performed by an independent body, and has received fantastic results from its team.

With a 30-strong team, Fairway, along with its training provider partner, Embark Learning Care Academy, has carried out anonymous surveys of its staff to see how fulfilled they are with their jobs and workplace.

As some of the team were exempt because they were new or were in senior management roles, 23 members of staff took part. 100% of them said they were inspired by the company’s vision and values, believed their work style matches the work style of the company, understood their role within the organsation and agreed that their line manager was supportive!

While the vast majority of the results came back as very positive and well above average, the main change the staff would like to see is to the office space. Though many members of staff preferred the open office space the company provides to communicate and collaborate better, some would like the option of having somewhere to work where it will be exclusively quiet, as well as the open plan office they have at the minute. As a result, this is something that the company’s management is looking to address to find a solution that suits everyone.

Operations Director, Alex O’Neill, said: “All in all, this is fantastic feedback from our staff and we’re grateful that they’re happy to be part of the Fairway family. There were a few points that we had a low score on, but this is why it’s always productive to do these surveys every year, as we can identify any problems and try to resolve them and continue to make this company better for all our staff.

“We do not claim to be perfect, but I hope that by regularly listening to what our employees want, we can continue to build a work environment that makes people excited to come to work and perform to their best.

“We ensure that we do these surveys anonymously, so that if an employee wants to raise an issue and is uncomfortable about it, they can do so in a safe environment and we’ll strive to improve.”