World Autism Awareness Week

In celebration of Autism Awareness Week 2016, Fairway participated in the National Autistic Society’s first Schools' Autism Awareness Week Image
ever Schools’ Autism Awareness Week. A campaign was launched by the National Autistic Society to reach and educate as many people as possible about the behaviours and characteristics of Autism, and let them know what they can do to help. Schools are such an important part of this; Autism affects how a person thinks, feels and learns, and it is crucial that teachers and schoolmates know and understand as much as possible about Autism. The aim of this Autism Awareness Week is for children who are on the spectrum to get the best start possible and have the chance to enjoy their time at school as much as everyone else.

We provided Autism Awareness workshops at Bishop Milner Catholic School, Dudley and Plantsbrook School, Sutton Coldfield to raise awareness to students, teachers and parents/guardians. The workshops were a great success and we received great feedback; “Thank you so much for sending Martin our way. He gave a great session to a mixed group of parents/carers, students and staff. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the session and found it interesting and informative.”

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