When Andrew Mitchell MP, came to tea


evry1Andrew Mitchell MP was invited to visit Fairway Homecare and Training on Friday 24th October for afternoon tea prepared andserved by Apprentices and Learners employed by or training with Fairway.

Fairway Homecare and Training have been based in Sutton Coldfield since 2011 and provide 150,000 hours of care annually to local residents and health and social care organisations throughout Birmingham.

In the last year Fairway have provided opportunities to more than150 individuals and almost 100 of those are now in employment. Working closely with Job Centre Plus Fairway have developed the programs to cover catering, care and childcare. Fairway have achieved Sector Based Work Academy status and the MCP programmes are fantastically well received and more importantly leading to real job outcomes.

Fairway have also employed 26 apprentices which has given the business a wonderful injection of energy and dynamism. 20 of them are now actively working out in the field as care professionals – staggeringly, these young carers will be delivering nearly 22000 hours of care this year having previously never worked in the industry before. Whilst completing their apprenticeship they will also be continually trained and updated throughout their first year with access to over 100 additional specialist courses making them true great carers of the future.

Fairway aim to employ a further 40 apprentices in 14-15 taking our total number of apprentices employed to 66 and they will directly provide over 40000 hour of care throughout the year. Alex O’Neill, Operations Director said “For a small private business in Sutton Cold field I think this is a staggering achievement and testimony to our vision but more so the great efforts of my team here.”

Andrew Mitchell MP met with current learners on the “My Catering Portfolio” to see what they would be learning and how they are enjoying the course to date. Andrew Mitchell MP said “it is great to see a local business being so proactive in developing real job outcomes and apprenticeship opportunities to the community and being so innovative in opening up programs that deliver real job outcomes”.

MCP training programmes run on a monthly basis so if you would like more information on either the Care, Catering or Childcare programmes please call Jackie on 0845 450 3971.