Left to right – Parents, Danny Page (middle) Lucy Kinsella, Donna Mcavoy and Andrea Harden

Fairway Training’s Lead Trainer Danny Page recently visited Dame Ellen Pinsent School in Kings Heath, Birmingham to work with parents of autistic children as part of their ongoing remit to deliver exceptional support to a child’s development.

Dame Ellen Pinsent School is a forward thinking, award winning school for children aged between 4 – 11 years, who have a wide range of special educational needs. The school prides themselves on being a truly inclusive school with the expertise to meet a wide variety of special educational needs. The school currently has 120 pupils with 45 of the children living with Autism (ASD).

As part of their programme to deliver ongoing help and support to parents Lucy Kinsella, Development Manager asked Fairway Training to come in and speak to parents about Autism (ASD). The workshop covered the following areas, Understanding ASD, Managing the Anxiety, Communication, Practical Tips at Home & School and Empathy. At the end of the workshop the parents had a Q & A session whereby both parents and teachers discussed their experiences they have found over time and ways of creating successful strategies for the ongoing support and development of the children.

Attendees of the workshop were parents with children at Dame Ellen Pinsent School and Lucy Kinsella – Development Manger, Andrea Harden – Speech & Language Therapist, Donna Mcavoy – Inclusion Manager from the school.

‘This is an outstanding school. Pupils’ achievement, including the progress they make academically and personally, is outstanding. These outcomes result from high quality teaching and an outstanding curriculum. Parents and carers are extremely positive about all aspects of the provision, especially the exceptional care provided. The school is a welcoming and very happy place to be where each member of the community feels valued and pupils are confident to try new things and do their very best’

Following the huge success of our Autism Awareness workshops during Autism Awareness Month in April, Fairway Training are forging forward with more workshops and bigger sessions. The aim is to drive autism awareness and to provide much needed support and information to parents and teachers to support children and young adults.

The illuminating feedback from parents and mentors was the lack of support networks, feelings of isolation, lack of knowledge and a general lack of support. The sessions brought clarity and comfort to many and proved a huge success. Parents, guardians, advocates alike share their experiences, air their frustrations in a positive and thought provoking series of discussions and realise that they are not alone, that they are not different and that there is help available.

“It was good to talk to other parents, I wished that I had access to this year’s ago”

On 30th July Fairway Training will be hosting the first in a series of sessions to be held regularly throughout the rest of 2012. Sessions are limited to 15 people per session and are held at their Sutton Coldfield care centre, costs are down to just £10 per person for a 3 hour workshop to ensure it is inclusive and accessible for all..

For more information on these courses or others we offer call our dedicated training team on 0845 450 3971 or email info@fairwaytraininghealthcare.com