News Alert – Care Act 2014

Major changes to the care system in England are being introduced. An Act to make provision to reform Care-Act-Image1the law relating to care and support for adults and the law relating to support for carers; to make provision about safeguarding adults from abuse or neglect; to make provision about care standards; to establish and make provision about Health Education England; to establish and make provision about the Health Research Authority; to make provision about integrating care and support with health services; and for connected purposes.

The changes coming into force on April 1st 2015 and four major changes are being introduced:

– The creation of national eligibility criteria establishing for the first time when someone should be entitled to help – to date, it has been up to councils to set their own criteria

– A duty on councils to offer schemes by which those who need to pay for residential care can get a loan from their local council, which is then paid back from their estate after death

– Giving carers for the first time the same right to assessment and support as the people they care for; before, they had to provide “substantial care on a regular basis” to get an assessment

– Those who pay for care themselves will be entitled to go to councils to get advice and information about the care system.

Fairway Training (Healthcare) Ltd are aware of the changes to the care system and are offering three new courses for care staff to up skill with their current training and meet the guidelines for the Care Act 2014. Fairway Training can help you gain certificates for:

– Care Certificate
– Workplace Care Certificate Assessor Course (Accredited)
– Workplace Care Certificate Assessor Course

For more information on our courses visit our Training website or ring James on 0845 450 3971.