Meet the team – Finance Manager, Tara Harrold

I have worked for Fairway for almost 8 years and I am currently the Finance Manager. I am responsible for the day to day finances of the business which includes raising invoices, processing purchase invoices, and payroll with the help of a finance assistant. I also produce our management accounts monthly.

I used to work for a company that had a partnership with Primary Care Trusts across the UK building new and innovative buildings that were leased to the NHS over a period of 30 years at which point the building was signed over to them. I am a bit of a geek and love the structure that comes with my role, I love numbers so finance was always going to be the right fit for me, its also in my blood as every woman in my family works in the finance industry.

Supporting the finance assistant is really rewarding, teaching them new skills that are building the foundations to a wonderful carer. I also appreciate the small wins, meeting deadlines, solving problems and getting things right first time.

I am currently working towards a degree, my manager has been incredibly supportive and always offers encouragement. I have previously completed in house courses on safeguarding, prevent duty and discrimination in the workplace, a level 3 management and leadership qualification and numerous courses on systems and HR issues.

Fairway feels like a family, I have worked for companies before that were all about the bottom line, the people were there to serve a purpose, Fairway isn’t like that, the management team actually care about its staff and take an interest in who you are. This company is passionate about what is does, always learning and growing so they can be better. On a personal level my manager is inspiring, their passion and drive makes you want to try harder, to do more and to keep learning.

I feel that I take the time to listen to people, clarify what the issues are and work with people to find a resolution that works for all those concerned. I always try to see things from another perspective and understand what has caused the issue. If I say I will do something I mean it and it will get done, likewise if its unachievable I will explain why it cannot be done, I have found over time that sometimes a straight answer even if its not the one you want to hear shows people you can be relied on and trusted which encourages more open communication.

I once won a bravery award for abseiling down a cliff even though I was completely terrified! I was about 13 at the time and my award was issued by my teacher and included a handmade badge with a lion on that I wore for ages as I was so proud of it!