First group of new Carers at Telford

Our first group of new carers at our brand new Telford Care Academy are now fully qualified and ready to get into the field and serve local care facilities.

Fairway and Embark Learning Care Academy, secured its second location in Telford just one month ago and has already trained local residents through its pioneering academy, meaning that these 12 recently qualified carers will be beginning their new jobs within the next few weeks.

The Telford Academy is expected to create more than 150 new care jobs over the next 12 months, leading to more than 3,500 hours of care provision to the area, which will make a huge difference to the chronic staffing issues and skills shortages the industry is currently facing.

Operations Director, Alex O’Neill, said: “We’re thrilled that the Telford campus is off to an incredible start, our training courses take just under four weeks to complete and they already have new carers ready to work in the area!

“Now that these carers have their nationally recognised qualifications, through Embark Learning Care Academy, it’s up to the staff in Fairway to place them into a work environment that suits them. As we serve a host of different care facilities, such as care homes and domiciliary care, our new carers will be able to choose what setting they’d most prefer to work in.

“Fairway has incredible relationships with its clients, so I’m certain that these new members of staff will be able to be placed into a new job in a timely fashion and enjoy a wonderful career in this industry.”