Fairway introduces four-day work week with the same pay!

Fairway Homecare will be introducing a four-day week for its head office staff from 1st January 2022, without any impact to our employees’ salaries.

With a nearly 40-strong team, Fairway Homecare has made the decision to reduce working hours to four days a week instead of the traditional five-day working week to improve its employees’ work/life balance – and without cutting pay either!

The new working practice will operate on a scheduled basis that will be decided between the staff to ensure it works best for them, as well as the company’s valued clients.

Operations Director, Alex O’Neill, said: “We hope that the innovative four-day week will inspire our staff to continue to work hard and achieve incredible results, whilst also allowing them to achieve a more realistic work/life balance.

“Being rewarded to be successful whilst you are working, and to enjoy your life when you are not, is at the centre of our thought process. We want people to be efficient with their time, be ambitious and hungry to achieve and know that if they really work hard when in the office or on duty, the benefits of the three-day weekend will become priceless.

“We make no bones that we are partly doing this to help us attract top quality candidates to join our company over the coming months, but we must also recognise that the direction of career travel is for a more balanced approach to people’s time.

“Our existing team has also worked tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic and has enabled us to grow as a business, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Therefore, it is with their mental wellbeing, their attitude and their professionalism in mind that we are confident that this innovative change to our working practices will be a success for all.

“Following discussions with our staff, we made it clear that there would be no reduction in pay and overall, they will benefit from something like six weeks less work per person per year, which is not to be ignored and something our staff are very excited about!

“We are looking at real expansion in 2022, with a need to more than double our staff numbers through the year. We are seriously looking into two new locations across the West Midlands and we are seeking to increase our weekend team to meet these demands.

“We anticipate 2022 to be a huge year for the business and look forward to welcoming quality professionals to the team to build on the harmony and the ethos that we have generated, as well as ensuring our current staff are as happy and productive as they can be.”