Catch up with Andy

We have caught up with Sprinter Andrew Robertson, who is being sponsored by Fairway. Andy was andyselected to represent Great Britain in two meetings; the first being on Sunday 11th September in Berlin, where Andy was competing in the 60m sprint.

The competition was held outside in each City Centre, as a way of promoting the sport. The Great Britain team competed against Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Overall, they made the great achievement; finishing in second place!

Andy had a new challenge of his own; rather than a race against other sprinters, he ran 3 time trials with a speed camera following him! Overall, Andy performed excellently, scoring 10 points for the team by finishing 5th, 2nd and 1st in the each run.

Andy will be doing what he does best all over again on Wednesday 21st September in Paris. The Fairway Team are wishing Andy the best of luck and we look forward to another catch up!