Bid to train thousands of new carers in Shropshire

Staff at a new training centre for carers said they hope to bring in over 1,000 new workers over the next few years.

Fairway Homecare opened a £500,000 training centre in the town on Tuesday.

Anne Dunn, at Embark Learning Care Academt which is preparing the new carers, said there was a chronic shortage of care staff.

Kieran Roberts, one of those who signed up, said he wanted to join as he enjoys helping people.

“I was an informal carer for my partner for five years until she unfortunately passed away two years ago,” he said.

“As hard as it was for those five years I somewhat enjoyed looking after her as well.

“I enjoy the fact of looking after someone and helping them and making them feel better in themselves.”

Donna Thompson, who was formerly a chef, left to care for her mother and is looking to go into residential care.

“I quite enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories and obviously every client is different and I like challenges as well because it can be quite challenging…and quite rewarding as well,” she said.

Fairway hopes to get 150 new carers trained and into the sector locally within a year.

“We are in need of those carers coming into the work place,” Ms Dunn said.

“We have been doing it in the West Midlands area for nine years, there are 1,400, 1,500 people that we have put through so it would be good to get along those lines.

“It will take a little bit of time to build but I am sure with everybody’s experience that we have got in the team we can really build on that.”